How to go back to the forums mobile theme?


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I switched to the desktop version to see how many posts I still needed to make this month, and now I can't go back. I've cleaned my browser cache and everything and I'm still seeing the full version. Is there a shortcut or something to browse the forum using that mobile theme ever again? Thanks x

Note: hope the font doesn't look too big when this message goes live because it looks huge from my phone right now.

Edit: also, is it possible the post countdown takes a while to update? I've posted three new messages and I'm stuck at 299.

Sander k

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Hi mate,

I think your cookie session expired.
thats proberbly why it looks fixed.

Not all forums update the post count straight away, because that uses to much cpu.
I believe that my forum is set to once every 10 minutes or so. I dont know how gigarank has been setup tho.


Post counts are updated in real-time. There are some threads where you can't get post number increased, like spam topics.