How to implement filter and pagination in apache olingo v4 web service


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I am new to apache olingo web service. I struck for the past two weeks to implement filter and pagination to my service.I am using latest olingo version 4. I google it and looked many blogs but there is no clear explanation. Kindly help me with sample code.It will be more use full for me.

Following are my scenario,

<li>I am gettting the data from existing web service as XML and then i parse the XML using JAXB make it as list of entity in olingo web services.

Here how can i apply filter. If i having $filter in my URL means it throws page not found exception. If i remove that means it will work and give full result.

My question is How to apply olingo filter in XML string or
How to apply it in List of entity which i having it in a method.
Kindly give me the explenation with some sample code.</li>
<li>I need to give pagination to my response JSON.I need to limit the JSON value as 25 per page and need to next page URL also(For 25 to 50) like that.
How to implement this also.</li>

I overcome lots of blogs but didn't work for me.
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In this blog,They didn't explain with full code.My problem is,I am getting data from existing web service as XML string and parse it and having in list of entity.

And I also refer this blog,

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In this blog also they tell how to construct the query,My problem is how to implement $filter,$select etc from ODATA in my web service and how to filter from xml string or list of entity

Kindly suggest me with sample code.Thanks.