How to install Wordpress locally on your PC


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Well, you have a nice website which you created using Wordpress, a popular CMS. Here we are going to learn how to install it on your PC, which you may use to test any changes, you are planning to make, before deploying on a live server:

- LAMPP or WAMPP or XAMPP installed on your PC (I'll show you in another post how to install it on Linux)
- Wordpress ZIP file (download from


1. Go to folder location: C:/xampp/htdocs (you know it) and extract Wordpress ZIP file here.

2. Now turn on XAMPP packages: Apache-phpMyAdmin.

3. Go to http://localhost/phpmyadmin password: your default password and create new database "local_wp"

4. Add user with full privilege and set a password.

5. Copy these details to a new TXT file for quick reference:

Database Name: local_wp
Hostname: localhost
Username: user_name
Password: abc123

6. Now go to extracted wordpress folder at C:/xampp/htdocs/wordpress (you know it) and open wp-config-sample.php file in a text editor and give above information and save it as wp-config.php .

7. Now point your browser to http://localhost/wordpress . You'll see the information to install. Give necessary information details and click on Install button. If you get any error, do crosscheck your details given in wp-config.php file.

8. Yay!! Wordpress has been installed. Now login to wordpress at http://localhost/wordpress/wp-login.php

Did you like my tutorial? Thank you.!! :cool:


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Unlikely, there's little profit in Wordpress at a corporate level (Unless you wanted to buy it and charge for commercial use).


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You could make some screenshot, because it would make the tutorial easy to follow, but otherwise its really cool for newbies.


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Nowadays companies paying huge amounts just to access a large userbase, so Mircosoft would not need to directly monetize WP. Everything seems happy these days after FB acquired Whatsapp.
I've used bitnami quite a bit. Their local and remote installers for WAMP, LAMP and MAMP are incredibly easy to install. One thing that I find particularly useful is their module feature which allows the running of multiple scripts on a single local server. This is a screenshot of the browser based application launcher where I can run Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal and a number of other things on my laptop.


Be sure to use the Modules if you want to install multiple apps.