How to keep IO usage low


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Thanks to your quality services, I can easily post about Linux and my hobbies on my blog and I'm very excited about that.
Recently, After two years I received too much spam attack. look like a bot try to send me comment every minute. In the last month I received more than 10,000 spam which I think is too much for a free server to handle. So I have to take responsibility for that.
At first glance, Akismet seems to handle it, but the spam bot post a very long heavy comment, So then I use google recaptha and also blacklist the IP's that seems to me as a spammer.
Fortunately it halved my bandwidth usage, but still the I/O usage on my site is a highest level and gets limited.

In the first place I want to know what cause IO usage at all. does a request like posting comment can increase IO usage at this level or not.
my other question is although I blacklist the spammer bot IP, still in the "Visitors" section in cPanel I see a lot of request send by this damn IP which is caused server to respond. Is this right?
So my intended question is How can I reduce my IO usage and find tha cause it goes high.

I used cPanel "IP Blocker" for blacklisting
My last errors


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Thanks for your reply
just to note, the attaker IP is a broad list. It changed within range
Again thank you for your help