How to make money with your website


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Noo, I tried Amazon, is not satisfacting me. I will get only money if someone buy something through the banner I have on my website so no point.


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I find it really hard to make any profit from hosting third-party ads as my website takes in comparatively less traffic when compared to others sites and I fail to accrue any true viewings of the ads.


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Just like what a lot of people said here, I guess Google Adsense would be a good option. Or probably having your own ad service? (As in you link another website in exchange for money; payable through Paypal)


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I believe selling your own product is the best way to make money on the web. This mean all the profit goes to you and not to someone else. I hope this help.


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Registration has many benefits including greater security against malicious attacks. You might want to tier membership to grant access to specific content.


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Put banner is the easiest way. But what you have mentioned such as Google, twitter & Favebook all are banned in my living country, China. However local advertisement does not match the style of my websites.


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Iv'e managed many Adsense campaigns for customers over the years. They are good when you have nurtured them for a year or so, quite slow to build up any real turnover. Affiliate links for the right products/brands in the right places are a lot more profitable from the start. Just get the affiliate links in well researched locations and you will get traffic.:drinks:


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Apart form advertising, donations you can post great articles on your website and insert affiliate links in the post. You can also put online games on your website for users to play, when they reach specific goals or points the visitors can be redirected to affiliate link or advertisers site.