How to modify the default posts list in wordpress admin panel


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I was wondering if there is a way to modify the default post list in the wordpress admin panel.

Assume there are some users with
post manager
role and I don't want them to see all the posts. They need to see the posts from the from a specific group. Let there are 3
Post Managers
named Alex, Byron and Chalice, and and they are assigned to Groups Alpha, Omega and Zeta respectively. Alex needs to see the posts from alpha, Byron will see the posts from Omega and so on. None of them can see posts from any other group.

I'm grouping the posts by assigning a specific meta value in them and meta query returns me all the posts under my desired group.

By default I see any
Post Manager
can see all the posts in the Wordpress admin panel.

Now I'm looking for a way to modify the default post list to the list of the posts from a specific group based on the logged in
Post Manager

I've tried an
that allowed me to setup a dropdown that would filter the posts list. This requires a query before the filter. I need to filter the post list when a Post Manger clicks on the
view all posts
link in the admin panel.

Any idea from the experts?

Thanks in advanced.