How to overgive a template to a dompdf script?


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i wanted to ask, what would be the best way, to generate a dynamical pdf?

My Script generates a template from a predefined HTML code and replace the values with my current ones.

The Problem now, how do i get this information to my dompdf script?
The idea is,that someone should klick on a button and can download the generated PDF.(it's not a big deal)

In an Example I found a solution, that someone has use a $_SESSION-Variable.

$dompdf = new DOMPDF();
$tym = date('g:i s');
$filename = 'print'.$tym;

$dompdf->stream($filename. ".pdf", array("Attachment" => 0));

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But i don't think this wouldn't be a very good solution, because my table could be between 100 and 300 rows.

The Second solution my friend has suggest,was to save the html in a MysqlTable and save also a sessionID and timestamp for this user, so that i don't have collisions and could identified him.
When the entry was 1 hour old i should delete it.

Has someone a better solution?

Edit: Now i have a 3rd Solution, I think it's better then the 2 before.

How would it be, that I save the HTML-Template in an extern file and will save in the DB the place where the file exists.
When it is 1 hour old i will delete it on the same request and recreate it.