How to provide facebook, twitter, linkedin and live login using SpringSecurity?


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My question is related to following Stackoverflow questions already present here... I am asking this question just to be more specific and get the latest suggestions, excuse me if you find it a duplicate question ..
<a href="">Facebook Connect question</a> and <a href="">LogIn using Spring Security Questions</a>

currently I am working on a task which requires me to deal with open login support. I have used Spring Security 3.0.5 in this application. Successfully provided authentication support to a set of open Id providers (gmail,yahoo,myopenid,openid,aol, wordpress, blogger, livejournal etc. ). Now next I want to provide support for four big names facebook, twitter, linkedin and live(msn).

In a separate demo application I have romanced with Spring Social to provide facebook login and got kind of success there. Similar steps can be used for linked and twitter login. But Since I am handling the login using Spring Security in original project <strong>I want to achieve the facebook, twitter, linkedin and live login also using spring security only. and unfortunately not getting much information regarding this.</strong>

Any tutorial or source regarding this will be helpful...

edit 1:
just came across <a href="" rel="nofollow noreferrer">Spring Security Social</a>... that is also not a desirable solution in its present state...