How to remove GWX.exe (Windows 10 Reservation)


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I`ve installed Windows 10 on the laptop and the verdict is out, it`s not for me!

But that`s not what this thread is about, it`s for my main PC with good old Windows 7 installed (and staying that way).

I`v cancelled the Windows 10 reservation but how the feck do you get rid of that annoying little icon in the taskbar? It`s called gwx.exe in the process list.


Coming soon, how much I don`t live Windows 10 thread. :lol:


Here's a step by step how to do it Chris. It doesn't remove it, because when you do you have to reboot it, just to find Microsoft adding the update patches back again.

So the solution below is not to remove it but to become a "pimp master" - by controlling GWX. :p

His tutorial is GREAT entertainment and a must read:
And the end result is very simple. It does not matter if Windows 10 free upgrade is good or not. It does not matter if Microsoft has benevolent intentions. The moment you push me into a corner, you corporate pieces of crap, I will fight back with all I can, and you have just turned a loyal owner - and a shareholder - into an enemy. You have made me into a detractor. You have obliterated all and any chance of me ever wanting to even consider upgrading my Windows 7/8 boxes to the new version. You morons.
He does have a point though. Microsoft altered our Windows 7 without our permission with malware.

This thing pissed me off so much that the only reason why this isn't just a swearword rant is because I genuinely want to help people, so I am trying to stay coherent. Windows 10 is not angel tears, and it's definitely not heading in the right direction. And this promotional crap is making things worse. Not letting users even disable a scheduled task? Are you trying to best malware writers at their game? You retards.


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I can't find the KB3035583' update in add remove/view installed updates anywhere
turn notification off in notification area* doesn't work either, even disabling the startup process in services doesn't work
so I ended up having to kill the process GWX.exe each time I start up
then I installed Spotmau ( this kills the startup process every time