How to render with isometric perspective?


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<a href="">true isometric projection with opengl</a>

I want to render using the same isometric rendering which Blender3d uses, how can i do this ? Is it possible with just a call to glMultMatrix() ? I tried googling but couldnt find any working matrixes that would result in that kind of rendering mode. i tried this <a href="" rel="nofollow noreferrer"></a> but it just rendered really weird.

This is the matrix i use now that renders with normal perspective:

    GLdouble f = cotan(fovy/2.0);
    GLdouble aspect = (GLdouble)width/(GLdouble)height;

    IsoMatrix.x[0] = f/aspect;
    IsoMatrix.y[0] = 0;
    IsoMatrix.z[0] = 0;
    IsoMatrix.w[0] = 0;

    IsoMatrix.x[1] = 0;
    IsoMatrix.y[1] = f;
    IsoMatrix.z[1] = 0;
    IsoMatrix.w[1] = 0;

    IsoMatrix.x[2] = 0;
    IsoMatrix.y[2] = 0;
    IsoMatrix.z[2] = (zfar+znear)/(znear-zfar);
    IsoMatrix.w[2] = (2.0*zfar*znear)/(znear-zfar);

    IsoMatrix.x[3] = 0;
    IsoMatrix.y[3] = 0;
    IsoMatrix.z[3] = -1;
    IsoMatrix.w[3] = 0;

    glMultMatrixd((GLdouble *)&amp;IsoMatrix);

How do i change it so it will result to: <a href="" rel="nofollow noreferrer"></a> ?