How to replace div classes/sections in Wordpress


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How do you replace certain page codes when your CMS is Wordpress?

To be specific, I need to change a footer section of a page that has the following code:
<ul class="menu social_media">
. I need to change the code to
<ul class="menu social_media2">

But for some reason I can't find the section where I can edit this HTML code. I have FTP access but the numerous folders are so overwhelming. Where do I look? I have a feeling that I should be looking for the specific template used for the page but I really can't locate any.

This is one of the pages that has the code which I need to change: <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>. You will see that there's a positioning error with the social media icons at the footer. I can edit the CSS file but the same code applies to the site's homepage and if I edit the CSS file, it will solve the positioning error on this page but will cause issues with the footer of the homepage. Hence I need to change the code.


As requested by a commenter below, here's the code of the footer.php file that I found in one of our FTP folders:

 * @package WordPress
 * @subpackage Theme_Compat
 * @deprecated 3.0
 * This file is here for Backwards compatibility with old themes and will be removed in a future version
_deprecated_file( sprintf( __( 'Theme without %1$s' ), basename(__FILE__) ), '3.0', null, sprintf( __('Please include a %1$s template in your theme.'), basename(__FILE__) ) );

&lt;hr /&gt;
&lt;div id="footer" role="contentinfo"&gt;
&lt;!-- If you'd like to support WordPress, having the "powered by" link somewhere on your blog is the best way; it's our only promotion or advertising. --&gt;
        &lt;?php printf(__('%1$s is proudly powered by %2$s'), get_bloginfo('name'),
        '&lt;a href=""&gt;WordPress&lt;/a&gt;'); ?&gt;
        &lt;br /&gt;&lt;?php printf(__('%1$s and %2$s.'), '&lt;a href="' . get_bloginfo('rss2_url') . '"&gt;' . __('Entries (RSS)') . '&lt;/a&gt;', '&lt;a href="' . get_bloginfo('comments_rss2_url') . '"&gt;' . __('Comments (RSS)') . '&lt;/a&gt;'); ?&gt;
        &lt;!-- &lt;?php printf(__('%d queries. %s seconds.'), get_num_queries(), timer_stop(0, 3)); ?&gt; --&gt;

&lt;!-- Gorgeous design by Michael Heilemann - --&gt;
&lt;?php /* "Just what do you think you're doing Dave?" */ ?&gt;

        &lt;?php wp_footer(); ?&gt;