How to use Social Media to create a Brand?


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I believe strongly in personal and corporate branding. It is important to create a single unified image of yourself and your business across multiple platforms including a website, Facebook, and Twitter as a minimum.


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To make a brand or band, you need to go with your personal identity or fame. Merchandise your positive reviews collected from satisfied customers and publish it on social media to collect leads. Branding is not more a scheduled work of 1 hour daily, if you are serious then be active for 24x7x365.


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Im starting my own brand using facebook page and it took me around a month to circulate it to my friends their friends and even stranger just to announce my services. Now i just wait for calls and texts. Im happy with the results


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I have been in war with social media ever since I graduated undergrad. It's just so hard to keep up! Facebook changes every month. Trends for each medium changes every week. I just can't keep up, it's like a job. BUT it's necessary for my field of marketing. Therefore I have to wave the white flag to social media. I'm defeated, because if you don't have at least 2 social media tags on your website you're telling the world you don't care and you're choosing to ignore the group of people who use social media; that's not good if you're in the marketing field. I have personal social media sites such as Facebook, Intstagram, and Pinterest. For my freelance brand I tend to use, LinkedIn, Google+ and Twitter.


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Well said ts. I'm getting there but at the same time am a few hundred miles behind. The more I learn the more chaotic it feels. If you have any tips to contribute this will be grateful appreciated, particularly with getting a business page to look less messy than the very restrictive template Facebook allows a person to have.


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BRAND is a vast word in Web now. All the business owners are paying PR organizations a good money in the name of online branding. My own thought is "when a particular word or phrase tells a story" at that time we can say that word as a brand. When talk on online-branding, social media plays a vital role in making brands populat also recognizable.

FB Fanpage, G+ Page, Twiter Hadle, LinkedIn Page, Foursquare presence, etc helps us in building or promoting a brand online.


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Thanks for this valuable article/information. As a social media marketing specialist, I'm always delighted to read (and listen) to people about there new-found techniques related to building your brands online presence.

The one tip which I would give everyone reading this, is to supply content that perspective customers WANT. It's all about what they want and niche interests. Think about it and good luck creating a new brand!


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Branding also needs to differentiate your offering from that of the competition and the brand has to mean something and connect with the target audience. It's not just about logos, design, social media and an online presence. The reality is that most brands have been built over time and involve a considerable investment in time, money and other resources including people. However, with the advent of the Internet and of course social media and websites it does make it easier for even a one person business to create a brand that means something to the target market without having to spend a fortune. It is not easy to create a meaningful brand though even though we now have social media, because of the numerous other issues and factors involved. In my experience most people forget that many of the things that need to be done to establish a true and meaningful brand have nothing to do with social media or design (although of course these two elements can play an important role).


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Preparing a strategy for Branding online of a brand or business is not so easy. Expertise in social media and SEO industry need to be reflected on the plan of action. According to the the scope of the strategy the time will be calculated. Optimized social media profiles and regular posting of engaging contents which can entertain your targeted audience easily.


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Imo to have successfuly ads our brand on social med, we need to post news about our brand regularly and consistently. once a day or more to get people to know about it.

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Genesis said:
If you have any tips to contribute this will be grateful appreciated, particularly with getting a business page to look less messy than the very restrictive template Facebook allows a person to have.

Woobox might be your new best friend!! It's an amazingly quick and easy tool to turn your FB page into your own branding page. You can add and customize pages and tabs. The best part? It's free. (of course you can add more goodies if you want to spend a little more but the freebies is enough to get you going.)

Here's what you can add/do with it.

HTML Fangate
Custom Tab Icons - With Woobox's Facebook page tab app, you can use your own tab icon or select one from the library.
Fangate Your Content - Ask users to Like your page with an Optional Like Gate before they view your tab content.
WYSIWYG HTML Editor - The built-in WYSIWYG editor makes it easy to create and make changes to your tab without typing HTML.
Visitor Analytics - You get complete stats for page views, visits, and likes segmented by fans and non-fans who view your tab.
Custom Tab Name - The default tab name is Welcome, but you can rename your tab whatever you like.
Supports SSL/HTTPS - If your page visitor is using SSL/HTTPS, your Woobox Custom Tab will still be shown and will use HTTPS.
Image Hosting - Upload your own images and Woobox will host them for you. No hosting account is required.
Full HTML Content - Upload your own HTML complete with CSS and Javascript. There are no restrictions.

Tab for Twitter
Instagram Tab
Pinterest Tab
YouTube Tab
Pick A Winner - POST YOUR PROMOTION - Post your promotion on your Facebook timeline with a strong call to action to like or comment on the post to win.

I'm hoping I read your post right and this is something you were looking for or else I just hijacked this thread with meaningless info. It is on the branding topic though and FB is used by a lot of the members here so it's good info either way.


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I think Social Media is the go to to promote everyone's business. I still don't get why most stores and business companies in my area don't have a facebook page or even an instagram, which is what most people around here use. It's so simple to create and mantain... They could totally hire me for that - for free - because it's so simple to mantain social media nowadays and it's something I really enjoy and put my heart into.

It really depends on what the business is about, but the secret is to be kind to your clients. Always make sure to answer their questions, along with a smiley face. Even if you don't like that person. Always try to be kind and patiente. The bad part of the internet is not knowing how people on the other end of a computer is feeling, and by not adding a smiley face, the other person might think you're mad at them, so that is something I always do. :) - see? It always makes things more confortable.

Another thing I do is make images with a quote, or something as simple as a "good morning" in the morning, just to show people we are there and are interested and are saying hi to our clients. That would also make them want to share or retweet the image. And there's a lot more you can do.

The best thing of social media for me is that it's easy to use and you can do it from anywhere you are, you just need an internet connection.

If anyone needs any social media help with their business, feel free to PM me and I'll try to do my best!


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tangledmemories said:
If anyone needs any social media help with their business, feel free to PM me and I'll try to do my best!
Sounds like a wonderful and generous idea. Will definitely keep this in mind for when I get into social media. I don't mind my personal accounts as I never have problems with keeping them up, but for business purposes a fresh perspective can always be a good thing.