How would you deal with an outbreak of zombies?


I'd probably run/drive/fly away as fast as I can to put as much distance as I can. For self-defense I'd probably go for a fire cannon of a kind. Hopefully I would never have to use it, as if one gets to that stage, then one's probably toast.


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Get as much of a distance between me and the zombies as possible. Go for a terrain with plenty of obstructions so they can't get to me, like caves in very high mountains.


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Pew pew yes die but zombie die. Before this I posted about guns lol. Seriously now. Distance - lot of serious gun power - safe house - food and water.
...and for the heroes find the bad who is responsible - kill him - reverse the outbreak.
Save the girl
Live happy every after... Lol


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Just in case. I might build a fort that can hold some riflemen and like four families. I have a backup plan too.

Gotta have a awesome looking sword too.
Zombies as in Romero Zombies, never going to happen, physically and biologically absolutely impossible, Infected zombie-like types as in 28 Days Later or WWZ, oh yes, very very possible. With an outbreak of Infected like those, if the outbreak isn't contained immediately then it really would only be a matter of time before everyone is infected. As we have seen time and time again with commutable infections the incubation period can vary widely from individual to individual, locking down Airports and Ports may not necessarily happen fast enough to contain the infected, if it were an outbreak here in Britain it only has to get to Europe and in no time at all it could be a Worldwide pandemic.

I guess there is a very small chance of surviving the outbreak and out-living the infected if absolutely all the right moves were made, but to emerge from your hiding place into what, surviving would almost certainly be worse than falling victim to the infection.


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I would get as high up as possible, preferably the roof of a building or on top of a 2-3 story home. I would have an arsenal of guns or a bow & arrow courtesy of Daryl Dixon and try to make as many head shots as possible.


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Always found this a question that I have difficulty imagining. I'll probably become a zombie myself. :p


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Haha ... good point Dogmatix! They seem to be restricted to the US. I've got a whole arsenal to deal with them though of the lethal variety. Mostly blowing them up. :bomb:


Tolkin said:
AK 47s + nukes + beer + weed + pizza

I was wondering whether I was going to read burgers or KFC with the nukes, but the combo of beer+weed+pizza would probably work just as well.


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Me? I would find the closest pawn shop or gun shop that hadn't been raided yet. I would rob that store and barricade the entrances and get on the roof with every weapon and all the ammo I could find and start having target practice until I die....cause eventually that is gonna happen anyways..