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Hello everyone!
First of all, I would like to say I am so glad I thought about googling this "free hosting with cpanel". I've spent all day today and yesterday looking for a webhost with cpanel [free] but didn't find any, until I googled that. Then lots of them showed up!! I think yours was or the 1st or 2nd to show up. And never ever heard of it until today. Some of the others I knew already - but never tried. I checked a few but I think I will settle with this one, so far it's been pretty good.
Like I mentioned in another thread, I usually check the site's facebook or twitter pages first because people usually complain a lot on there... This one has a forums... and so far I haven't seen anyone complaining and you seem kind and helpful, so yeah I think I will stick with this one! :friends:

I am a web/graphic designer, social media manager, I also do some video editing and like photography, though not a pro on this one. I just like to snap pictures of everything. :)

If you need any help with a video that needs editing or some graphic (ie. banners, fb covers, twitter backgrounds, etc), feel free to pm me, I will be glad to help (for free). Just don't flood my inbox, my kindness has limits. :blush:

By the way, my name is Vera and I am from Europe! :)


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Great to have you with us Vera, all the way from Europe. Also thank you for the quality posts. Enjoy reading them. :cool: