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We've just given a guy a farewell party and I had the tough task of buying a present for him. Didn't have the foggiest what to get him. I then saw a good deal on a Lenovo Mini Tablet at Sharaf DG, which is a huge discount electronics store in the UAE. It's half the price of ipad. It's an android, with two SIM card slots and WIFI. 1GB ram and 8GB space upgradeable. I was lucky. Apparently he was going to buy a tablet and has never owned one. Hopefully it will work out as first time I've seen a Lenovo tablet. Lenovo is supposed to be a good brand however. What I like about Sharaf DG is all the freebies one gets like a 10% discount and free earphones (really nice ones). Quite relieved it worked out well ... so far any way. :p