HTTP Loopback Connections are not enabled on this server - wordpress on docker


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I have a wordpress official container with a dock port 80 mapped to 32795 external... when I go to administration area of wordpress I get this error:

Important: HTTP Loopback Connections are not enabled on this server. If you need to contact your web host, tell them that when PHP tries to connect back to the site at the URL
and it gets the error
cURL error 7: Failed to connect to localhost port 32795: Connection refused
. There may be a problem with the server configuration (eg local DNS problems, mod_security, etc) preventing connections from working properly.

I think the problem is that the site inside the container tries to communicate with the 32795 port instead of 80, but it can not because this door is only seen from the outside of the container...

I created a script inside the site with phpinfo, and I checked the loopback connections are on...

There is a solution for this? I have docker un windows with kitematic