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To have HTTPS, you would have to buy SSL and its certificate and enable https through your cPanel.


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Surrenadee said:
Is a dedicated IP address the same as a static IP address?

No, it is not. A Dedicated IP is a unique IP different to your static normal IP address.
Copied from other website:
Dedicated IP addresses are usually used for large SSL-encrypted secure websites and particularly large and/or traffic-heavy sites.


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iGdesigner said:
No, it is not.

Thanks for the answer. I like to know everything I can when I get new information, so I looked into it further, and I'm sharing what I learned in case anyone else wants to know... So here's what I found out... apparently "static" means "unchanging" while "dedicated" means "unique."

So... the dedicated, or unique, IP address is one which hosts just one website, while the static, or unchanging, IP address is one which simply does not change but can host several shared websites on the one IP address. And this information leads me to a new question...

Does a dedicated IP have to be static? I would think it would simply because the DNS must resolve to the IP at all times to keep the website up and information could take up to 24 hours to propagate when changed. It stands to reason that a dedicated IP is, therefore, a static IP even if they mean two different things. A static IP, though, is not necessarily a dedicated IP though.

An analogy comes to mind: A banana (dedicated IP) is a yellow fruit (static IP), so when you speak of a banana, you are speaking of a yellow fruit by default whereas when you speak of a yellow fruit it's not necessarily a banana as it could be a lemon (shared IP).

I think I got it! :yahoo: