I need to show some love too


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Well since im retired here and steped a way to the virtual/dedicated hosting have a been folowing gigarank but its keeps te same (pro: less downtime. Great staff and those that love doing this every day but the part you probably dont like is that it seems "dead" to be honest you might do some announcements in the main site too and do some weird atractive offers to keep competitive to other hosts. Or even a new look (since this is in a feedback cat.))

But my review since i had my lonely account with 1 gig disk space later 2 gig have i been developing for 2 years.
Site was called sednetwork for the people that knows the site (its not popular but i came to an attention someone knew it was my project in the past)
My point is this host is definately a decent host.
Free feels like you paid for it.
Its sad it wasnt a vps vps so i could share some benchmarks. But the load time is good.

So my final rating is:
8,7 out of a 10

My motivation text says:
"Keep dig ing"


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Thank you for the feedback, we are in the stages of refreshing the website look and feel, Especially to make it responsive!

Trafiic to Gigarank comes in waves, so for the now the forums may seem a little quiet. I'm sure in the coming months the forum will certainly pick up again.

In towards offering a broader hosting range, please remember our staff are volunteers and spend some of their free time to help out around here. To broaden our hosting range would require more time and investment, which currently we do not have the capacity. We are a not for proft community and any monies made go straight back into the day to day running of the place.

I have suggested an idea the our staff in our staff forums to pick up the forums again. Although the idea is not a hosting related suggestion, more towards website promotion and marketing. It's something that I believe has never been offered before, so will almost certainly make a mark.


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I agree but its how i look at gigarank.
And i felt to share it. I hope its ok.

I just wish you many years of service.



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I hope to see some good come from this. I see as it is right now, a really great service, a shared host/vps in return for providing quality time to the community.


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Maybe to attract new member and enliven the forum a lil bit, We have to think about some inovation to the forum, not just from how it looks, but from the contents too. Add new Sub Forum with specific topic that has plenty of fans.