Image select box instead of text select?


Staff member
Im creating theme for wordpress and i need to have selectbox where i can click and display images to select.

Currently for that function i have select dropdown list with text.

<select id='selectbox'>
    <option >Airplane</option>
    <option >Bowling</option>
    <option >Alarm</option>

But i need to have some kind of select list with images and no text.
Is it possible to do something like that ? i assume that it would include jquery into work. But im unable to find any answers on the net.

Ok i have spent whole day to make it work but i guess im too stupid. On every possible example and solution i have some problems with making it work.

Here is entire code of metabox i use <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> it's for wordpress theme and everything else works as i needed, only thing that i can't get it is if i could replace select box to some kind of images list to select proper image for a field.