Infographic on Free Web hosting


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I would to create an Infograph about free web hosting, I think it would be a great marketing tool and raise Gigalicous visibility.

What content would you think should go in the infograph?

Do`s & Don`ts
Good or Bad

etc etc


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Haven't heard about Infographs until tonight, so Googled it, and am now excited about it. I Googled free+web+hosting+inforgraphs and the ones I saw on average looked too busy. I'd have thought blues and white - lots of white space, would be nice.

These are just info bits and pieces that come from the top of my head:

1. Free hosting generation of 10 years contracting and expanding ... then and now ...
2. International, the whole world, colour the parts we're most active in?
3. Combo of excellence in Webdesign and SEO and specialist tech admin experience - partnership of brains, challenges, learning curve, free templates
4. Latest in in up to date technology and software - cPanel, server, cloud technology, clouds ....
5. Who we are aiming at .... beginners?, those who are experimenting ?.... etc etc?
6. Support, tutorials, videos, fun learning curve

Giga hosting ....
Go Giga mobile hosting ...

These looked interesting (not content, more like the layout and the idea), but maybe a little cluttered ...


Profile of a Giga user? (own characters and content of course - but interesting theme)

Introduction to Giga Hosting?