Install nginx + php5-fpm + wordpress without control panel


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Install nginx + php5-fpm + memcached with google pagespeed + wordpress without control panel (OS Debian)
  1. Go to copy script and upload to folder /root in your server and make it executable (CHOWN 744 or 777)
  2. login SSH, by default open shell in folder /root
    enter command sudo ./ (or your script name)
  3. install wordpress, follow this step
  4. edit /etc/nginx/sites-available/wordpress
    enable and conigure page speed. you can see example in
  5. restart nginx
open your wordpress and view source (ctrl+u)
if your installation success, you will see something like this after <body> tag
<noscript><meta HTTP-EQUIV="refresh" content="0;url=''" /><style><!--table,div,span,font,p{display:none} --></style><div style="display:block">Please click <a href="">here</a> if you are not redirected within a few seconds.</div></noscript>
your css and js link also changed