Installing gcc newer version 4.6 in ubuntu


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I am still a learner in installing packages in ubuntu. Actually, I had copied an iso image file of ubuntu from a torrent more than a year ago and I run with using Oracle Virtual Box on my Windows machine (primarily to compile in g++).

At that time I had installed gcc 4.4.1. Now <a href="" rel="nofollow">I am updating it to 4.6</a> (gcc-4.6-20110610.tar.bz2). I don't know where my 4.4.1 package is stored, but the 4.6 package I am storing in a local folder. My questions are:

(1) Will my 4.4 package get affected with this new installation ?

(2) Is there a way that I can toggle between both compilations whenever I want (say gcc-4.4 or gcc-4.6) ?