Installing matplotlib vn 1.2 and Basemap on Ubuntu


Staff member
I'm trying to install vn 1.2 of Matplotlib on my Ubuntu computer so that I can use some of the animation features. Crucially I also need Basemap.

The only way I've found of importing Basemap is through apt-get. I can install matplotlib 1.2 loads of different ways - using pip, apt-get and from source, but no matter what I do, when it comes to typing in

sudo apt-get install python-mpltoolkits.basemap

I'm always told that matplotlib will be installed because apt-get can't see the version 1.2 that I already have.

I've also tried installing Basemap from source (using the instructions on this wonderful website:<a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>) but I'm running into GEOS-related problems that I have no idea how to start solving. If I can use apt-get for installing Basemap then I'd be very happy.

Thank you