Introducing myself

Caroline Centa

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Hi everyone, My name (as the user setting says) is Caroline. I have come to Gigalicous in the hopes of getting some stable web - space to transfer myself over as, to be frankly honest, I have not been happy with the way my current hosting appears to be heading. It was good (I am not naming names - as that's unethical) but over the last few months I feel as though there is no heart there anymore, and as such it's not being maintained as well as it should be.

So... I am here. I am hoping to make myself at home and perhaps find lots to talk about - well past the minimum required to host my site.

About me?

I am a mother of two children and wife to awesome husband. I currently work from home, but am a qualified teacher away from work while I bring up my family.

I am a guidance reader (tarot, oracle, etc...), but at the same time try not to promote magical predictions. My readings are a means of guidance to help you look at things in a different manner. My words are supposed to invoke thought patterns that help promote positive outlooks. I use the tarot and other tools to help me find the words.

Anyway, that's me for now.



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Welcome to Gigalicous Caroline. You're definitely in great company here for technical support almost around the clock. Website space is of excellent quality.

Caroline Centa

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Yay! I love it here. Quite often when I introduce myself in the forums, the introduction threads go unreplied. Thanks for the welcome!


A belated welcome to Gigalicous Caroline. I'm very happy with my space here, you've made a great choice! :cool:


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Welcome to Gigalicous Caroline. Interesting topic for a Website. Plenty of support and helping hands here.