Introduction to PHP


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For those with windows phone 8 phone theres a free app with over 30 videos on PHP coding to take them from absolute beginner to at least intermediate level. Not my app but I found it extremely useful so just putting it out there :) It's called HTML5 & CSS 100 for anyone that is interested in learning on the go.


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Wow thats alot of tuts. I have been wanting to learn how to write php for a while these will probably help me, thanks.


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For Android users, there are also quite a few choices for free tutorials in the Google Play store. There is one called PHP Expert that teaches you both Php and MySQL from the very beginning and how they interact. Granted, before you can use Php you must have some knowledge of HTML, CSS, and Javascript, but a very good source for learning up to date, correct HTML, CSS,JS, and more is You can learn almost anything here, plus you can also validate your pages.......... It is worth checking out if you are new to web design...