iPhone antivirus


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I had heard about "lookout mobile security", norton and mcafee but I don't know which one is good and if you really need it!

I hope it helps :pardon:


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There are a lot of apps on the app market that allege to help and protect your iPhone, but I've yet to hear of a good antivirus for MAC (let alone iPhone). For PC there's a bunch like kapersky, mobile antivirus is still so new.


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As an Apple Device owner, and a previous apple worker, I can tell you that apple devices DO NOT get viruses or get infected. There may be so called antivirus programs on the app store, but they are a scam. Apple Devices, things like, iPods, iPhones, and iPads can't get viruses because of the system they run on, and how they are on limited on features.

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What about mp3s and jailbroken phones? I mean as long as a user can import files and content on the device, there will always be a chance they can install malware isn't there?

Also, the theory that MACs can't get a virus is wrong - in the past, people believed this - but it's really a matter of ROI. Viruses are made for profit - since mac users were a small minority, it didn't make sense to invest money and time into making a virus that could only net you profit if installed on a mac machine. But now that the popularity of those devices has increased, it makes more fiscal sense to create malware for macs.

TL;DR: Wherever there's popularity, fraudsters will find a way to exploit it. iOS usage is growing and malware creators will soon create viruses for it.


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I use the ipad and ive searched for anti virus software but have found nothing, can anyone guide me the right way?


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iPhone doesn't need an Anti-virus if not jail-broken but need only legit apps installation if you add any other 3rd party soft there where the risk grow, I guess this essentially what's apple Sandbox was designed


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Since it is limited to install from Apple, antivirus software is unnecessary. However, if you are concerned about malware other than virus, unknown virus, you can purchase it, but you need to connect to the Internet.
In order to prove that the delivery is not infected with the virus, there are cases to purchase. Of course, in order to update the definition file, you need to connect to the Internet.


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Nowadays hackers are so clever even though apple seem safe and secure they can easily get to your phone by using injected viruses into legit apps.


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I am developed some apps for ios and the review process they go through for each application ensures that an app won't take all your data or give you a virus.

Therefore an antivirus is not needed for an apple phone.