(iPhone users) Are you Jailbroken?

Is your iPhone Jailbroken? Is it worth it? :)

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Every time I've had an iPhone I have Jailbroke it. I have always Jailbroken iDevices. Now I root android devices because thats what I have at the moment.


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I have never jailbroken any iDevice or rooted my android phone. Personally, I don't think it's worth it (for me anyways). When you jailbreak an iDevice, doesn't it void your warranty? If so, then no thank you. I'll keep my warranty intact in case something happens. I've actually physically broken phones before (by accident of course) so I wouldn't take any risks with my current phone.


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I am in favour of not rooting or jailbreaking a phone. Phones these days are volatile and can break at any time more and more phones are being recalled because of the companies are fighting to bring something new and better than the rest, with this they take more risks.

What i am trying to say is you are going to need your warranty so don't root/jailbreak your phone.