Is there an easy way to copy Outlook settings for transfer to a reloaded OS?


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My Windows 7 at work has started to slow down (OK let's get the wording right - there are more processes for Windows 7 to deal with with the same RAM so it takes longer for processes to be completed). So by way of a temporary remedy, I'm thinking of reformatting the hard disk of the computer and reload Windows 7 from scratch. It's a pain of course - but probably a good thing - as I'll have to get rid of all of the junk on the computer I can see and make backups of my files. One thing that is holding me back however is that I have Windows Outlook configured exactly the way I like it, and it took quite a while to get it that way.

How can one transfer one's settings so that Windows Outlook will be configured the exact same way? I Googled the subject and it looks like a painful process - very time consuming as well as the risk of breaking things if one goes too deep into the settings.

Anyone got experience with a simpler solution? As when I look at the above, setting Outlook up from scratch looks much easier in comparison. :p


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I don't know a complete backup tool for Outlook (That will deal with everything ex:look&feel settings )
Following the link you mentioned you can do that much easier by managing the profile reg file that resides on registry.
So there are 2 things to deal with. The profile reg and your pst file:
This is working with Outlook 2013:

Perform this before PC refresh:
1 Open Registry.
2 Navigate to [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Office\15.0\Outlook\Profiles]
3 Export the whole profiles to file
4 Make sure know where your PST file is located and have a backup of it.
5 Backup Done

Perform this after PC refresh:
1 Open Outlook for the registry keys to be created along with a new pst file and close outlook
2 Navigate to the new pst file and delete it.
3 Re-Open Outlook, it will complain about the pst file being missing but just point it back to your original pst file.
4 Close/Re-Open outlook to ensure it is using your old pst file and close outlook again.
5 Import the exported registry profiles.
6 Open outlook, Send/Receive and re-input all your passwords and click the save (if you wish for them to be saved)


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Thanks for the tip, however you should know that copy pasting of material from another Website (Microsoft in this case) without putting it in quotes or providing credit to the source is against our forum rules and can lead to a ban. Suggest that you read our Guidelines for Quality Posts and Forum rules before you make any further posts.