Is there an easy way to copy Outlook settings for transfer to a reloaded OS?


My Windows 7 at work has started to slow down (OK let's get the wording right - there are more processes for Windows 7 to deal with with the same RAM so it takes longer for processes to be completed). So by way of a temporary remedy, I'm thinking of reformatting the hard disk of the computer and reload Windows 7 from scratch. It's a pain of course - but probably a good thing - as I'll have to get rid of all of the junk on the computer I can see and make backups of my files. One thing that is holding me back however is that I have Windows Outlook configured exactly the way I like it, and it took quite a while to get it that way.

How can one transfer one's settings so that Windows Outlook will be configured the exact same way? I Googled the subject and it looks like a painful process - very time consuming as well as the risk of breaking things if one goes too deep into the settings.

Anyone got experience with a simpler solution? As when I look at the above, setting Outlook up from scratch looks much easier in comparison. :p


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I don't know a complete backup tool for Outlook (That will deal with everything ex:look&feel settings )
Following the link you mentioned you can do that much easier by managing the profile reg file that resides on registry.
So there are 2 things to deal with. The profile reg and your pst file:
This is working with Outlook 2013:

Perform this before PC refresh:
1 Open Registry.
2 Navigate to [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Office\15.0\Outlook\Profiles]
3 Export the whole profiles to file
4 Make sure know where your PST file is located and have a backup of it.
5 Backup Done

Perform this after PC refresh:
1 Open Outlook for the registry keys to be created along with a new pst file and close outlook
2 Navigate to the new pst file and delete it.
3 Re-Open Outlook, it will complain about the pst file being missing but just point it back to your original pst file.
4 Close/Re-Open outlook to ensure it is using your old pst file and close outlook again.
5 Import the exported registry profiles.
6 Open outlook, Send/Receive and re-input all your passwords and click the save (if you wish for them to be saved)