is web series making people lazy?


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there was a time with 1 or 2 daily shows, and good shows only came once in a week.
but now there are lots of content to watch and most of a time you can't stop watching all the episodes at once.
is it good thing or a bad habit?


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We end up sitting down and power watching a series (me and the other half). I think it is making us Lazy to an extent. We still get everything done that we need to - But we end up sitting down. Putting on a series and next thing we have watched 3-4 episodes. 4 hours have passed and we have done nothing! Never used to sit and watch TV for 4 hours at a time!


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Not sure about that. But it all depends on quality of web series and what type of web series you like. Although Yes, sometimes the series measures our patience. Lastly it happened with me while watching Money Heist. Ohh..boy its a way good web series and the contents are really interesting put in the series. But lastly it depends on ourselves on how much time we spent on watching series, that's what i think.



I think yes the web series and the ability to watch whatever you want whenever you want does make you a couch potato. It is taking away our ability to be by ourselves and making us more idiots by the day. Also, with a series with one episode a day there was suspense and whataboutery that has been done away with.


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It Totally Depends Upon You Guys If You Are Making Web Series A Major Part Of Your Lifestyle Then They Will Always Makes You Lazy And Effect Your Work Progress Always.

chasing drama

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It felt like curiosity kept my eyes closed, and reason told me about my past, and my body became the third person and gradually fell asleep