JavaFX Drag and Drop with Interacting Objects


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I am attemping to implement drag and drop that is not just an image being dragged around the screen but has interaction between dragged and droppedon object.

in short what I'm trying to achive is:
When i drag one 'source' object and drop it on a 'target' object the 'target' object recieves information about the'source' that was dropped on it

This ( <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> ) sample application describes its actions as what I'm looking for however the app doesnt work for me. I was able to build the source (it requires a few modifications, as the yahoo shopping URL no longer works) and with a few alterations get the shopping items to show up. However there is no drag/drop functionality.

Does anyone have any other samples that they could point me toward?

All of my javafx searches for drag and drop come back with apps that just deal with moving an object on the screen, or they use 'canvas' which is no longer supported

thanks, stephanie