KloxoMR7 with Xeams SMTP Proxy Filtering


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Xeams is the best open source spam smtp proxy filtering software around and it works awesome as well, but you can not install it next to another smtp server as they both run the same ports. We are going to change the smtp default port from 25 to 125.

First you have to change the smtp receiving port to a different port so you can have the default smtp receive mail from Xeams as it passes through. To do this you need to browse to /var/qmail/supervise/smtp and open the file run with favorite text editor. Scroll to the very bottom where you see:

You want to change it to look like this:

Save and restart qmail servers with
service qmail restart

Now during the configuration of Xeams, point Xeams SMTP Proxy to and port 125 and Xeams smtp proxy service should stay at port 25.

You can find guides on how to install xeams here, http://xeams.com