Knock, knock.


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Well, I'm here! :yahoo:

My name is Peter and I'm from Sweden. I'm interested in programming, games, and making games. I also like running so I run about 5-6 times a week.

It was Genesis who told me about this place. It looks great so far. I already have a website at another free web hosting service but I think I will move my site here instead.


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haha, yeah, I was just joking. Say, is that "Spambot" rank a custom rank or do we all become spambots when we have made enough posts?


Welcome to GigaRank Peter. Great to see you. The Spambot is a custom rank as far as I know. Let us know if you want a custom rank and we can easily change it.

The following are the default ranks:

Beta Poster 0
Junior Member 15
Member 50
Senior Member 250
Elite Member 750

In addition, once a registered member receives a hosting account, their status is immediately changed to Hosted Member. Almost 90% or more of our registered members skip straight from Beta Poster to Hosted Member.


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Welcome to Gigarank Peter. Would be wonderful to visit Sweden one day. Although I'd think it would be very cold there with very long and dark days during winter?


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Thank you all for the friendly hospitality. You make me feel at home. :good:

@Pauline Sweden is a very tall country so it's a big difference between the north the south. It's also warmed up by the Gulf Stream so it's not as cold as many other places on the same latitude. The days are long in the summer and short in the winter. If you go above the Arctic Circle you even have winter days without any sun at all and summer days when the sun never goes below the horizon, but few people live that far north. The majority lives in the southernmost parts. If you plan to visit Sweden I recommend you do it in the summer when the temperatures are pleasant, except when it's raining (some summers have periods of way too much rain unfortunately).


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Welcome to Gigarank Peter, looking forward to reading you comments on the community forums.