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I recently re-worked an older graphic of mine, I was in need of distraction from more serious work so had a play in Photoshop for a short spell.



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That look so good ;) I wish I could do stuff like that. But my skills got me only to web design.
insomnialeet said:
Try to work more on that chrome, its ok btw.

I do apologise, I hadn't noticed your reply until just now, I like getting honest opinions from people who are genuinely experienced, provided they have such abilities themselves of course.

I would love to be able to see some of your own digital work, do you have a gallery we could all view, it would be nice to see what background your opinion is coming from.

**** EDIT ****

Ooops, forgot to provide an url to my own gallery on DA:
I'm a simple hobbyist graphic designer but of course make no pretensions of being anything more.