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i need Suggest!, that what good & High security Stack Package?

sometimes my friends ask me to use LEMP, but i searching on google LAMP is good.
Maybe, Nignx is good than Apache?

Thanks :)


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I saw people claim windows server IIS is better then apache or nginx. Personally I prefer apache.


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I prefer LAMP, its what i mainly used in past, I used it because I am fan of using .htaccess which is very easy in Apache, and also its more famous than LEMP i think.


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I prefer nginx.
Based on my tests it proved to be faster than apache and to use less memory than apache.
If you used apache previously, you will have a learning curve before being able to to the same configurations with the same nginx.
I think it makes no sense in prodiction to use nginx as a reverse proxy in front of apache. You have 2 servers that do the same thing and (my 50 cents) nginx does it better.

That I would suggest for migration:
- keep apache on 80, put nginx on port 81 (443 for ssl and 8443 in nginx)
- choose 1 domain that has a lower traffic and configure it in nginx
- forward trafic from apache to nginx to test.
- do the same to all websites in apache until all runs on nginx and apache is just a proxy
- shutdown apache and configure nginx on 80 and 443.

Tip: to test nginx config, with root type "nginx -t".

@somik: IIS is for windows.


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Can you please stay on topic. Topic is LAMP or LEMP. Not apache or nginx.


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Genesis said:

Can you please stay on topic. Topic is LAMP or LEMP. Not apache or nginx.

Apache / Nginx is the only difference. One is Linux, Apache, MySql, PHP - the other is Linux, Nginx, MySql, PHP.

As far as I can tell, that IS the topic ;)

Stroke said Debian people seem to like Nginx - not THIS Debian user! If you want Apache to be perform like nginx - turn off .htaccess for one. AllowOverride none - and run PHP with fastCGI instead of the Apache module. And run Apache with the Event MPM (default in Debian 8).


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^ i never understood this setup, nginx and apache.

It doesn't make alot of sense to me, I would rather have 2 smaller vps, one for apache, the other for nginx. This way you have some redundancy, if the apache vps is down no worries. Although if nginx vps goes down you are offline no matter what. if you want then run nginx as a webserver with fcgi caching configured, I think this is probably more resource efficient than nginx + varnish or apache + nginx.

For me, the ideal low end vps setup would be linux and nginx with php 7, remote mysql server, remote dns, remote mailserver... this way you have the most power for serving your web page, and if your server goes offline your mail and other services still function.


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Nginx knows that the performance is good. However, I've been using Apache for a long time.
I use Apach in Moolde in the eLearning environment. LAMP can be easily installed in package.
I would like to recommend LAMP.


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LAMP : linux Apache Mysql Php
LEMP: linux Nginx Mysql Php

apache is a web server software that is very famous.
Nginx is new respect to the apache.but is becoming better.
I suggest you use apache yet!because it has very options and a large community!


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According to's survey (May 2017 Web Server Survey), users of LEMP are also increasing.
If you start from now, LEMP might be nice.
VPS supported Nginx. I also try LEMP.
If beginners can confirm the merit of LEMP, I think that popularization is quick.