[Learner] I have doubt on website uptime....help me


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This is my 1st post. if any mistakes forgive me.

I am using free shared hosting account. i was linked name servers with domain(purchased .COM).
in that account placed two name servers.

My problem - that free hosting servers are going down some time. my website is down that time.

I want to make my website up when ever that server is down by using another name servers.

means i can use different hosting accounts name servers within one domain (if 1 server is down i want to use 2nd server to work my website). I know i need to maintain my web data in both servers. ( I think i can export it from server1 and import to server2, is it easy?) i am using wordpress 4.1.

my final question is - how we can make our website always up (by using less cost multiple ) servers?

else is there any way static web site always open ? (at least to show some of the pages).

if giving reply to my problem kindly give step by step.( i am new to web design).



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Thanks for sharing that tutorial. Only problem is DNSmadeEasy cost you around 30 USD per year and I don't think someone who use free hosting would afford that or would buy it.

Back to OP. Well apart from solution like above it's nearly impossible to do what you ask if it's site based on Wordpress or other CMS which use some kind of data storage. But if it's just static pages then it shouldn't be a problem.

These days most free hosting services like Gogarank or other popular P2H type sites provide a good service with little downtime. More like a paid hosting package. This problem only happen with those providers like Youhosting.