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Link Building has taken a lot of flack lately, The big Google saying we do not want webmasters link building specifically for of the purpose of inflating your website rankings! Infact it`s now against their webmaster guidelines policy (and has been for some time)

What is your take on this? Do you think Google are going too far with their policy of policing the Internet?

More info on their link building policy can be found here:



DJB said:
What is your take on this? Do you think Google are going too far with their policy of policing the Internet?
Absolutely. I get the old deja vu feeling of it building up to another Microsoft. One of these days people will need to take courses in order to qualify for an SEO account in order to get a rating on the Internet .... etc. etc. etc. We'll get people who are qualified SEO Licensed Operators who are certified to do the training etc etc etc The certifications will of course be expensive - and a rip-off like they have been and still are with Microsoft. And it is our fault for allowing this to happen. We empowered Microsoft and Apple to rob the daylights out of us, and we're going in the same direction with Google.


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Although some of the rules are understandable, overall I think it goes to far. I don't like ambiguous terms like
Excessive link exchanges ("Link to me and I'll link to you") or partner pages exclusively for the sake of cross-linking.
"Excessive" is not the kind of imprecise term I like to have hanging over my head.

Don't get me started on this paragraph
If you see a site that is participating in link schemes intended to manipulate PageRank, let us know.
which basically is asking people to rat each other out. What a mess. It sounds like an opening for unscrupulous people to harass their competition.


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I do understand that Google has to combat spam and blackhat seo`s link building techniques.

But why don`t Google just improve their algorithms to detect unethical techniques, why should the rest of the webmaster and seo community suffer because Google is too lazy or not smart enough to combat spammers etc.

What it say`s to me is "You do all the hard work for us, we don`t care if your website ranks or not!, you do as we tell you or else. Want to be seen on our search engine? then pay us for Adwords."


I'd be very happy if Google should get meaningful competition. Someone with real integrity. As what I see is that as soon as someone gets good and becomes even close to a meaningful competitor, they just get bought out. And of course the more power Google has, the more rules it can create. And the more power after that, the more complicated it can make them too, as it is employing people who are trying to impress one another with how good they can be at creating algorithms and catching people. It becomes a game of silly buggers.


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Google has gotten too big. When PPC was really big, people were getting paid different rates for keywords and were making some serious bank. In response, Google decided to change how people search so it wouldn't affect their bottom line. Now, I am not saying they can't make a cut of advertising money, but when they say that you can't advertise your website in the manner you feel necessary, that's too much.

You shouldn't have a link for your Clickbank affiliate product on every page in a search, no. But, you should be able to promote something if you feel like, whether it is your blog or a product you think will sell.


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Laubster said:
Use high quality home page links, work well for me.

I have to agree vehemently with this. While the verbiage in the guidelines Google put out can be frightening, if you're simply making sure that your links are on the up-and-up, there's no problem.

I can think of this as analogous to playing a MMORPG that utilizes micro-transaction-type shops offering boosting products that unbalance the game. The free or low-cost players with tiny wallets and no resources are stuck grinding endlessly to gain a few levels a week while the rich get to level 100 in a matter of days and start picking off the weaker players and whatnot.

Okay, I get that my analogy may not clear much up, but I'm an ultra-super nerd, and I'm trying to speak using terms I understand. :smile:

Google wants to cut down on blackhat practices, and for good reason, their "policing" of the Internet is actually making the Internet a better place to visit, though we still wouldn't want to live there. Have you seen blog comments of late? Wow! And not in a good way... The ones that annoy me the most are those that use a completely unrelated-to-the-topic paragraph and simple insert a keyword or keyphrase every so many words. It's wholly unreadable and these people are banking on search engine spiders not being able to parse what's been read as would a human reading the same.

This is not the fault of the blog host or creator, but where do you turn to stop this practice. Google is simply asking that the host police his/her own blog for this type of thing or risk being penalized. As a blogger, it's easy to get miffed at Google for its policies like this one, but then you visit some sites and read some posts and realize that this is not a disservice. This is a fair expectation that if we decide to create or host websites, we make sure the content is of a certain quality.

Google is a "no slum-lords" kind of "Big Brother," and I'm okay with that. I don't want the Internet to become more of a wasteland than it already is, and I hope that it can be cleaned up a bit from what it is now; to be quite honest. There is a plethora of thoughts, opinions, ideas, and information at our fingertips. There are slums on the Internet -- and try to steer clear -- but by allowing certain blackhat or similarly evil strategies for the purposes of ranking, the slums are reaching the top of the searches and that needs to stop.


can anyone tell that why link building is so useful for promotion of the website.


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Linkbuilding will be active as long as SEO will active.

There are some smart SEO guy ranking their websites very well by gaming the big G.

Whatever google is doing to make search engine more smarter, but atlast this is machine, which does not have brain.
Link building does seem to help standard sites pretty well but when I look at local searches I see some sites ranking on top without any links or just one or two. sometimes with ugly sites that don't really even function well. It is a bit of a mystery to me to be honest :(


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local searches are less competitive. Some sites like amazon or ebay have so much authority, they rank naturally on such terms.

Site design isn't the main ranking factor but does help with user experience. Maybe it's a local hosted site with local unique content that no other sites have? Too many factors involved.

Also, depending on the link checker you use, you don't always see the complete backlink profile :p


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If we just listen to Google or it's webmaster guidelines then we shouldn't do anything at all about from Creating a web site and adding content. Maybe little big of internal SEO but even that could sounds like manipulating search result.

It's hilarious in one way. As webmasters all we need to is get traffic and for that what we need is get our sites rank for those keywords. With all the competition out there that's not something happen by it self. Google like it or not it's all about manipulating search result. Unless you have a site which use other traffic sources.