Linux easy as a second OS


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Long time I scared a bit to install Linux as a second system on my Laptop. Before I hear you have to install complicate drivers, usb or 3g wifi dongles don't work, probs with graphiccards and more. Since 2 weeks I have Puppylinux on and I can say I never want to miss it. It was sooo easy and smooth to install. Everything same like windows but faster :yahoo: even on my old 1.6 ghz Laptop. 3G dongle works without probs and it looks more faster in internet then with windows. And very good, I'm not so worry about trojans and virus.

Puppylinux is 100% free and small, you can install it everwhere. Starts from USB sticks as well without installation.

Puppylinux DOWNLOAD


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Great post jcm. I'm definitely going to try Puppylinux. Like the name as well. :p


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I've been using and teaching linux OS since 2005 and now im on Linux mint, Recently i'm using Ubuntu for Android application and Development ,

Nice Distro , Puppy Linux


I've got an old laptop that I'd like to upgrade with a second gig of ram and put a new new os on and use as a 'backup'. any ideas on a good, simple Linux option?


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For older machines, I recommend CentOS. It is the free downline of Red Hat Enterprise Linux. So you can expect lots of how-to web cuments on configuration.

On the security side, it has SELinux, which is a mandatory access control . Services are only allowed to do things it is meant for and the MAC policy covers most services. If a hacker breaks into a service, he cannot hijack it and make it do unrelated things.
Linux is even good for the primary OS. if you use that you'l feel the freedom there. Sometimes you may use linux as your only OS...