Local Install of Existing Wordpress Site with XAMPP Redirects to Install Page


Staff member
I've followed several guides on how to migrate my existing Wordpress website onto my local computer, running it offline with XAMPP.
Everything appears to be installed, all my own files from wp-content, the database, all things configured to point at [http://localhost/wordpress/], however when I go to any address such as "[http://localhost/wordpress]" it redirects me to "[http://localhost/wordpress/wp-admin/install.php]". On a previous attempt, before reinstalling and trying again, I followed the install process, and it was a fresh website, without any of my content.

I've seen this problem appear before (read a comment), however the solution didn't apply to me (improper address in wp-config.php. I've followed all the instructions to the letter, but I'm getting this redirect suggesting something hasn't gone right. I suppose the fix is small, however I can't figure out what to do. Can anyone possibly provide some help?