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For those who have been using VPSs over the years, one thing has always been for certain. The providers don't last that long. There are some who do, but far in between and one has to look for them. Quality can also be iffy with some.

I've been lucky as in 2016 when I was looking for cheap hosting, I was posting at a Post for VPS Discussion Forum that was based in the US. One of their sponsors was HostUS. I was lucky to have tried out some of their VPSs, and then decided to subscribe for their cheapest VPS as per the link below. I've had that VPS successfully since then, renewing my subscription every year. I'm currently paying $27 per annum which works out just over $2 per month. The VPS is OpenVZ, but OpenVZ with HostUS is extremely well put together. HostUS provides its own panel with the VPS for managing it from the point of view of securing it or rebooting it. As well as getting additional IPs etc. Another reason why I renew my subscription every year is that HostUS has been around for so many years. Just feels worthwhile to support this provider. Their technicians are super experienced and know how to put a VPS together with low cost but high quality in mind.

The RAM may be just 768MB and the Bandwidth 500 MB but the VPS for me with basic WordPress needs is super fast. I have an IP in the UK as when I tested all of the regions that HostUS serves, the UK IP was the fastest. So always a good idea to test them first. HostUS provides a looking glass for testing the speeds of the IPs. The following are the regions for which IPs are available. The Looking Glass link appears under the list of the providers at the link above:

Atlanta, USA
Dallas, USA
Los Angeles, USA
Washington DC, USA
London, UK
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Hong Kong, China
Sydney, Australia


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