Mailbox anomalies


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cPanel User Name: weilrich
Name of Domain:,
Detailed Description: I used the cPanel to get to the Webmail client, chose Horde, and sent a test email to myself at:

Then I went to my yahoo email and sent another test email to

Neither email shows up in Horde (or either of the other two clients).

I did set up email for two accounts: and

Emails to unknown mailboxes in my domains should all end up in

I also sent a test email to from my yahoo account. I can trace the email in cPanel, but it has not arrived in Webmail.
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Try again, i`ve cleaned up the mailbox permissions, also check if they went into your junk/spam folders.


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Thank you for your quick response.

I think what happened is that the mailbox available to me directly from the cPanel is not the same mailbox I was expecting. I clicked on 'Folder Actions' and chose to view all mailboxes. Two 'new' mailboxes appeared under the 'Junk' and 'Trash' folders: weilrich@lizardbreath_gi9_co and weilrich@lizardbreath_org - note the underscores. The mailbox called weilrich@lizardbreath_gi9_co contains all the mail I had been expecting (the other is empty, but that's okay too).

My guess is that the mailbox that the cPanel sends me to is some kind of system mailbox. For example, when I click on the 'Inbox' I get no further description in the title bar (on the right is simply says 'Inbox'). However, when I click on either of the two "new" folders the title bar shows their name (e.g. weilrich@lizardbreath_gi9_co).

This is functional, if a trifle odd, behavior. It might be handy to explain this behavior, if it is normal, in some introductory documentation.