Mailing List Question


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Hi, I've been looking into possibilities for mailing lists. It seems that it is not possible to do this myself, e.g. send an email to 1000 people using my own mail account, or a normal web-hosting account. Hosts usually limit how much mail you can send. I understand the problem of spammers, and the need to ensure you're not used for that, but if I have a list of thousands who want to receive my emails...

Anyway, the only inexpensive ways I've found are services like mailchimp. I really don't feel able to use such services after reading their terms and conditions. I don't want to give my recipients' data to a third party. Does anyone know of a way to have a good, efficient mailing list that is entirely "in house", i.e. only held by me, without having to pay exorbitant charge structures that are designed for companies who are making loads of money and won't miss it? Seems to me that the only losers as a result of spammers is small operations!

Hmmm, not very well put perhaps, but you get what I mean? I understand that providers like mailchimp have pretty good privacy policies, but I want a very simple privacy policy on my site, and using an external provider would mean I'd have to make exceptions in my own privacy policy, thus making it less simple.