Make Money with Backlinks


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Hoping that I am posting this in the right section.

I had made a lot of money with this in the past using backlinks.

Then I stopped mainly because of fear of Google penalizing me.. Now I am trying it again to see how well it will work out. I have been trying it out in one site and they are paying.

The advertisers also seem to be careful, since the links that I have got in my site is related to the content of my site.

So if anyone's interested to try out this method, please try it out.

Ref. Link - would be happy if you join as my affiliate.
Non-Ref. Link

You need to have a self hosted site with a minimun Moz DA (Domain Authority) of atleast 10.
Also its easier if you have wordpress, since there is working plugin available for wordpress.


I used to use this service back in 2008-2010. I wasn't earning much but still better than nothing.


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I`d say be very careful using that service, if you get caught selling links on your website, there`s a good chance you could feel the Google hammer.