Make Undeleteable Folder


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It must be made using Command Prompt.
It can only be deleted using Command Prompt.

1.Go to cmd.
2.Change to the directory that you want.
3.Assume i change to D:
4.So,in Command Prompt,type D: and [enter].
5.Type in this command "md lpt1\" without quotes and press enter.
6.The folder will now in your D:
7.Go and try and delete or rename it,you cannot do anything to it.

There are still many names that you can use to name the folder:
-lpt1 until lpt9

To delete it:
1.Go to Command Prompt again.
2.Navigate to the directory.
3.Type in rd lpt1\


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We used to do this on a major department store's computer - we'd create an undeletable directory on the desktop called "Porn Videos" just to screw around with the staff. There was nothing in it, but it would just annoy them.


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Now I know where my unexpected undeletable folder might've come from. Perhaps a small virus before I prevented autorun scripts from running in my external drives and USBs.