Manhattan Responsive Design CSS Grid


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Just found a really good review on a CSS Grid at Called Manhattan by Adam Smith. May be worth trying it out.

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Big bump :p.

So I still pretty much build all my websites from scratch, but recently I found something I like a lot to use for my grid system, that is when I am not using flexbox in HTML5/CSS3 apps. It is called Manhattan by Adam Charles Smith, it has it's own data-attribute called mhtn which keeps your html quite clean as there are no classes and identifiers for the actual grid.

You might be wondering how you would use it through a data attribute, but it is quite simple. Here is an example:

<div mhtn="container flex"></div>

This would give you a container that would be the length of the whole page and have a small amount of padding on the left and right. There is also row, col and element sizes that you can place within the the div with the container. The main reason why I like this is because I have the freedom of placing this data-attribute and then having Notepad++ through an extension make the attribute invisible so that I can work with my classes and identifiers freely and not have to worry about my grid system at all.

This has worked really well for me and has allowed me to shorten my design development quite substantially. It also allows me to focus more on my UI elements and how I really want the website to shine. You can find the documentation and download for the grid system at If you end up giving it a try, let me know what you think.



strokerace said:
Its a scam to get people to pay for it. Pay With A Tweet will receive the following info: your public profile and Timeline posts.

Pay with a tweet never heard of that before. I never like having to use my social media account in order to get something. I also hate it when some services force you to sign in with your facebook or something, it really annoys me.

Besides from the scam the theme looks really cool; the only thing I do not like s the grey font colour makes it hard to read a bit. I might download it and see what I can make with it.
Correct, neither do I. But what he didn't realize, that he posted the code on github and you can download it without the pay with a tweet method.


It looks promising, but I would have to try it first, before I have any quality opinion about it.
But thanks @"Genesis" , it is always good to have a few more alternatives ...