[METHOD] How To Get Hundreds Facebook Like Quickly


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Hello everyone :D
I'm here to share you a method on how to get hundreds (or even thousands) facebook likes quickly.
This will be done by manual work, no bot. First thing first, make sure you have a facebook account!. Or if you don't, at least you have to know how to use facebook.

Now here we go!
1. Create a new facebook account. Use your profile (like your old facebook account). You don't have to be exactly the same with your old profile, just to make sure your friends know that it is you.
2. Now with your new facebook account created, add your friends from your account. Make sure they are still active on facebook, and make sure they are interested with your niche.
3. Join groups that are related to your niche. For example if you are going to create a blog with niche fashion, join groups that are related to fashion. In my country, many people use facebook groups to sell or buy something. This is the kind of group you gotta join. I don't know if people in your country do the same thing but if they do, you will have a great opportunity :D
4. Add some people from the groups
5. Wait for them to accept your friend request
6. If you have enough friends (I'd say 200 or more), make a username. Facebook username will look like this: www.facebook.com/your-username. It'll be great if you could make it exactly the same with your brand name or blog name.
7. Edit your name to your brand name or blog name. Why? See point #8
8. Go to this page and convert your profile into page: Here. In order to convert, facebook requires your page name is the same as your profile name.
9. Wait for the process to finish, and see all of your friends that you add earlier turn into likes!
10. Do the things that you have to do with your new page :D

That's it! With this method, you will have a targeted likes which means so much in social media campaign. One more thing, people who likes your page is an active people on facebook :D

You can use this method with other social media account like twitter, instagram, etc. Just make a new profile, follow people, wait or ask them for a follow back and once you got a lot of followers, just change your profile :D Actually without creating a new account, you can invite your friends to like your page or sending them a message asking to like your page. But from my experience, people will less notice the invite or even ignoring my message. So this method basically is secretly asking for their likes :D

See attachment for an example of my work. 297 likes in just a week.
Source: http://thebot.net/threads/method-how-to-get-hundreds-facebook-like-quickly.304138/

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I used to want lots of likes on one of my facebook pages. I even had the whole promote the page going on - where you pay to promote the page - for a while. However, most people didn't interact with the page, which was what I was looking for.... Besides the more likes you have, the less people see your content on their facebook walls. I like to see what others think and interact with them, and having lots of likes is bittersweet. It's just good to make partnerships and stuff. - just my point of view.


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There are some autolike websites that you can use to get likes. But beware of those apps because they can post on your behalf without asking for your permission.
You can use: www.autoliker.uk


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Thanks will have to try this sometime, especially FB groups which are supposed to be really powerful to building followers and community.