minimizing event data shown on the Jquery FullCalendar


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Is it possible to minimalize the data shown on a given day (w/event) in the calendar? I know this seems like a weird request. Specifically I want to remove the title and start time... Essentially if I could just have a css class for days with events, or I am fine with the current "bubble" it shows now just with out the extra info. <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> is the calendar I am working with right now. It's pulling data from a wordpress custom post type:

&lt;script type="text/javascript"&gt;
    header: {
        left: 'prev,next ',
        center: 'title',
        right: ''

    weekMode: 'liquid',
    height: 250,
    events: [
            $myEvents = get_posts('post_type=event&amp;orderby=title&amp;order=ASC&amp;numberposts=-1');
            $eventString = '';
            foreach($myEvents as $event){
                $eventString .= '{ title: \''.$event-&gt;post_title.'\',';
                $eventDate = get_post_meta($event-&gt;ID,'event_date',true);
                $dateParts = explode('-',$eventDate);
                $startTime = get_post_meta($event-&gt;ID,'starttime',true);
                if($startTime != ''){
                    $startTimeArray = explode(':',$startTime);
                    $makeStart = mktime($startTimeArray[0],$startTimeArray[1],0,$dateParts[1],$dateParts[2],$dateParts[0]);
                } else {
                    $makeStart = mktime(12,0,0,$dateParts[1],$dateParts[2],$dateParts[0]);
                $displayDate = date('c',$makeStart);
                $eventString .= 'start: \''.$displayDate.'\',';
                $endTime = get_post_meta($event-&gt;ID,'endtime',true);
                if($endTime != ''){
                    $endTimeArray = explode(':',$endTime);
                    $makeEnd = mktime($endTimeArray[0],$endTimeArray[1],0,$dateParts[1],$dateParts[2],$dateParts[0]);
                    $displayEndDate = date('c',$makeEnd);
                    $eventString .= 'end: \''.$displayEndDate.'\',';
                $eventString .= 'url: \''.$event-&gt;guid.'\',';
                $eventString .= 'allDay: false},';                  
            $eventString  = substr($eventString, 0, -1);
            echo $eventString;

any help would be greatly appreciated.