Mining XMR


vikttorhugo said:
It is better to mine with a Ryzen processor.

Could you tell us more about why you think that way? What makes it better than other processors?

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In my absolute opinion, PCs/laptops are no longer a viable option for crypto-mining. This is because the cost of the electricity needed to mine is usually more than what you actually mine.

With your $2000 budget, you could invest in some decent mining hardware, or even invest in cloud mining.

Good luck! :)


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As rini said, you definitely do not want to use a laptop. If I may ask, what exactly are you looking for in a mining machine that a laptop has? Is it the portability? The energy efficiency? Both?

What might also be a good idea is instead of mining crypto and taking months to turn a profit, why not research many cryptos and divide up the 2k into investments into all of them? My brother and I wanted to invest, we never ended up doing it but we found that the biggest loss prevention method would be asset liquidation. So maybe put $500 into 4 currencies or more.


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Hey guys,

as others said above laptops aren't good for mining in general.

Mining is not easy as it seems and there is different kinds of ways of doing it.. Prospecting or launch mining ..
And you will need to learn a bit of trading or at least watch it closely to know when to sell your freshly mined coins !

One ryzen cpu isn't profitable, with 2000$ if you really want to mine because you like hardware and software stuff, get some GPUs, AMD for cryptonights based coins algorithms which far less hard on the cards to mine XMR than ETH for example... NVIDIA for zcash.

here is a site to see coin profitability :


So many things to know it is not an easy way to get money !

A lot easier to trade I guess !

hopes it helps !

thanks :)