Modify WooCommerce backorder message


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So here goes...
I have a wordpress site and use woocommerce etc etc. I want to change the backorder message on the product pages to something like “please allow 2 – 4 weeks for delivery of this item” which i’m having issues with.

I also want the same or similar message to show in the shopping cart page where the backorder message usually displays under the item name.

Alternatively, but not my preference, just hide the backorder message from the cart page altogether, but still have it on the product page.

I’m inputting the php code through a plugin rather than using a child theme or mucking about with other things. I usually manage ok, but completely stumped at this. I spent hours on this yesterday and managed to crash my site and everything! lol…

I think it would give a much more professional look to my site.

A link to one of the products on backorder on my site is below so that you can see exactly what i’m looking for.

<a href="" rel="nofollow noreferrer"></a>

Any help is greatly appreciated with this as i'm beginning to get frustrated with something that should in theory be simple... (I think it should actually be a customisable part in woocommerce anyway!)

Thanks in advance to all you genius people out there!