Most interesting Android games ever



The interesting games ever to me are:
Fifa 13
Temple run (all the versions)
Subway surfers
Virtual tennis.

Give yours & keep the fun rolling


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I just have Fruit Ninja installed and it's enough to keep me enterntained when I have a lot of time to kill. But there are several good ones for phones that have powerful spects, like Assasins Creed and even some FPS.


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It's Pudding Monsters!


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I haven't played a lot of these but I can only tell that World of Tanks Blitz is surprisingly good, even on my Xperia smartphone with merely a dual core 1 GHz and 1GB of RAM. Since I was a fan of World of tanks on PC in the past, I did enjoy the Android version as well. The game was also released for iPhones and iPads, I think.

Another one that I have played recently is one of a new type of games - EZ RPG. It's like you enter the game once a day or two just to check how your characters is doing, equip some new gear and sell stuff gathered from the previous checking and then you can log out. And even if you are logged out, the character still fights with enemies, gathers stuff and experience. Pretty addicting, I'd say ;)

At the moment I only have Mind Games Pro and Aptitude++ that are games that take let you excersise you brain in its different areas, and that's it ;)


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chinnuabhi said:
Highway Rider,
Temple Run,
Air Navy Fighters are some of the good android games in the android playstore.

I think that Temple Run was / is an awesome game! It is extremely addicting.

I also really like Need for Speed Shift. I like the use of the rotation sensor to make the entire device a steering wheel.


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Mortal Kombat X
Super graphics for gameplay, plus a great android shorter by 5 points!
It should be noted, and the latest on-line system integration: now every battle will be to contribute to your ranking is displayed in various world ranking tables.


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Goshh man that android market is invided by clones of minecraft, but there are some oldschool games like tribal wars ;)