My first web design


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Hi guys i just wanted to showcase my first web page its not finish because i need some ideas about the design of content. Is my color matching is fine? or my font? which one should i improve also my plan about this content should be like this one.

News - all post from about will update in news photo etc..
Music - what layout should i use? with album or without album and sliding slowly start to left to right with arrow right and left
Photos - all photos i will sync it to facebook. I think thumbnail would be nice with sliding same as music.
Videos - sync to youtube slide same as music and photos.
Events - this is what i need some piece of advice because i think calendar would not be good.

My php version is php 5.2 with mysql 5.1 i use side by side for latest xampp with php 5.5 and php 5.6, i make this website from scratch with templating system(BASIC) not like that one.. smarty.. hehe..

To all support and advice. Thank you very much


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looks good to me itmak, it would be cool if you had a player at the top of the page like they have on myfreemp3??
i like the dark theme


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Nice theme. But should you make same links of sub menu at the content ? I think it will be good if you place some content from your sub menu. And dont be forget to add attractive images about website at your homepage. It will make interest the visitor when they visit your site. Good luck !


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Hey itmak27,

It looks good. Simple. I like the color scheme as well.

Under "ABOUT DJ MARC BETTA", it would be a bit easier to read the text there if the background was darkened just a bit.

For music/videos/pics, I do like the left-to-right slider. Maybe arranging by album might be good for "music".

For "events", I personally like calendars but if you don't then I would suggest a list of upcoming events vs. past events with a solid line separating each event and a larger border between upcoming & past events, listing them from newest/latest to oldest.

I can't see from the 2 images whether you have drop-downs for any of the top menu items but that would be ideal. I like sites that have sub menus on their main menus.

Good luck!


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Your design look very outdated according to modern web design and development.

You should change the color scheme and use better light colours that wouldn't make a human eye hurt.

To get some nice colours you can use or